New Wireless, Solar-Powered Perimeter Security Solutions For Multiple Markets

The manufacturer of high-performance spread spectrum and critical data transmission for licensed radios, FreeWave Technologies, recently announced a partnership with Solarbeam International Inc. Solarbeam is the premier manufacturer of wireless solar-powered perimeter security systems. Together these companies offer many products for intrusion detection. Their products are used in many industries including homeland security and plant automation. The latest by these two heavyweights is RADS (Roadway Animal Detection System). This system not only protects wildlife, but alerts drivers to animals in the road. This could potentially save human lives as well. 

The partnership was an ideal match to Solarbeam as they were looking for a company that takes pride in customer commitment and dependability. The combination of the deployment radio technology of FreeWave and the solar-powered monitoring provided by Solarbeam a top of the line real-time intrusion detection system with perimeter monitoring. With the use of the technology behind FreeWave's radio's these systems can be provided at a much lower cost over the fiber-optic cable systems offered by their competitors. This creates an affordable, reliable product their customers have come to expect. 

Solarbeam's perimeter system utilizes multiple sources like solar-powered batteries, towers, detectors and FreeWave's radios. The detectors they use include infrared, microwave, radar and other sensors. The solar towers are individually monitored by Solarbeam which helps the company keep track of the solar voltage, battery voltage and general health of each tower. The importance of securing a chemical plant is even more important than ever as tighter and tighter legislation is passed. Both of these companies stay on the front lines of those changes to continuously provide their customers with the best products available.

These superior products and monitoring techniques hold up to the strict standards of military bases, emergency response units and border security. The RADS system detects animals in or near the road to prevent accidents. There are more than one million animal-vehicle accidents every year, as reported by the Wildlife-Vehicle Collision Reduction Study in 2008. This new warning system can warn drivers before the accident occurs which is the vital step in preventing these costly and tragic collisions from occurring. The report mentioned also notes in the same year animal-vehicle collisions resulted in 211 human fatalities, 29,000 human injuries and more than $1 billion dollars in property damage.

The combination of FreeWave and Solarbeam technologies is a huge step in the right direction for optimal perimeter and intrusion security. Their products are designed to protect regardless of terrain, weather and the foreseen threat. Both companies pride themselves on providing a superior product to their customers.