Find out if your computer is energy efficient

Computers can tend to be heavy on the energy drain, but as energy technology progresses so to does our computers. You can find out if your computer is energy efficient by checking a few little things and making some simple changes.

Replace Smart

If you're looking to replace your computer there are more energy efficient models available. Do some research on energy efficient models before you shop and talk to the store clerk about the options they have available.

Power Strips

Power strips are essential to protect all of your electronic devices from overload and surges, but you can also find a smart power strip that helps you save energy.

Hibernation Mode

All operating systems have a hibernation mode that helps save energy. You can access this through your control panel and control when your computer goes into this mode.


Ditch your screensaver. They suck up energy when your computer could be in the hibernation mode and saving you energy. The more dynamic your screensaver, the more energy it's likely using.

Turn Off Accessories

Turn off your monitor, printer, fax machine and other accessories when you're not using them. This will save energy. Also shut down your computer at night to save energy from running it all night. 

Dim Your Monitor

Dim the brightness on your monitor and you could cut your energy usage by half. You're quality and visual will be minimally impacted and you will save major on energy. 

All of these tips and tricks can help you make your computer more energy efficient. Go through this list to find out if your computer is energy efficient and make the changes as you go. Consider upgrading separate components for energy efficient models, like a, energy star monitor.