Advantages of Solar Energy

The demand for solar-generated electricity is booming due to the many benefits of this natural source of energy. At the top of the list of benefits are attractive incentives offered by state and federal governments, in addition to monthly savings in ever-increasing electricity costs. Advancements in solar technology have made solar energy a popular alternative to traditional energy sources.

Now is the Time for Solar

The potential benefits of solar energy are greatest in warm states like California, which has areas that experience high sunlight levels throughout the year. These benefits include a reduced dependence on nuclear power and fossil fuels. Solar energy is a clean and renewable power source that protects the environment and as well as being more economical. Solar power can free you from dependence on the power grid, allowing you to generate electricity as you need it and buffering you from electrical utility rate spikes. During periods when rates peak, when temperatures are high and air conditioners are operating at maximum capacity, solar power is working its hardest and offering the greatest savings.

Financial Incentives for Solar Energy

Federal tax credits and state tax rebates make solar energy an affordable option. The states which are leaders in support of solar programs are California, New Jersey and Colorado. The California Solar Initiative of 2007 has helped make solar energy an affordable solution for commercial and residential use. The New Jersey Clean Energy Program of 2004 introduced renewable energy certificates (SREC), which have allowed solar to become a more affordable power solution. Colorado has a Solar Rewards Program that offers one of the highest rebate rates for purchases of solar power systems.

Invest in your Home with Solar Energy

Besides reducing energy costs, solar energy is an investment in the value of your home. Despite the recent downturn in home prices, a solar energy system will add to a home's salability and resale value. An ICF Consulting study has found that a solar system will had about $20 in value for every $1 in annual energy savings. For example, for a $1,500 electrical bill savings per year from a solar system, the resale value of a home is increased by about $30,000. A solar energy system will set a house apart from comparable homes in the same neighborhood. The reduction in energy costs will make it extremely attractive to future buyers.

Protect the Environment with Solar Energy

The serious environmental problems caused by global climate change are well known. One of the main causes of global warming is greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil-based fuels. Using electricity more efficiently and making use of renewable sources of energy are an important part of helping the environment. Solar energy is clean, renewable and has a low impact on the environment. A solar energy system used by a typical business can reduce greenhouse gases by 2.3 million pounds over a period of thirty years, saving the equivalent of almost 6,000 mature trees.

In some areas, rebates can reduce the cost of initial installation by 50% or even as much as 70%.

The Advanced Technology of Solar Energy

Solar energy's advanced technology is practically maintenance free due to the absence of moving parts. This technology allows solar system manufacturers to issue 10 to 25 year warranties. Another advantage of a solar energy system is that it can be customized to meet the exact voltage needs of a home or business.

Important Advantages of Solar Energy

  • Protect the environment and offset damages from global warming.
  • Cut expenses for electrical power usage.
  • Gain protection from electrical rate hikes and rising cost of fossil fuels.
  • Experience more security against future power shortages.
  • Local jobs are created in areas that experience growth in solar energy.